The EU AI Act

Unleash your full potential with the EU AI Act.

Incredible potential with significant risks.

Artificial intelligence holds incredible potential, but its large-scale development comes with some significant risks for businesses, people, and society at large. That's why the European Union has been working on a landmark AI regulation over the past years - the (in)famous EU AI Act.

At its core, the AIA intends to protect EU citizens' fundamental rights. That's why it groups AI systems into four risk categories and assigns obligations based on their category.

The compliance process


Take stock
What AI systems are you using?
Collect information on the AI systems you're using. Your processes and policies, your technical capabilities, and how your organization is structured.


Assess risk
What risks do your systems pose?
Analyse the risks your AI systems pose and how they will be classified under the AI Act.


Ensure compliance
How are you managing risk?
Ensure you're ready to handle the risks posed by your AI systems. Review your processes, policies, and technical infrastructure to make sure you're compliant with the regulation.


Assess conformity
Are your high-risk systems ready?
Perform a fundamental rights impact assessment (if relevant) and conformity assessment on your high-risk systems and register them in the public EU database.


Market & monitor
How are you tracking performance?
After putting your high-risk AI into service, use your fully compliant monitoring system to check its ongoing functionality.

Our most popular solutions

EU AI Act Readiness Assessment
  • Risk scoring
  • Register framework
  • Compliance roadmap
  • Stakeholder report
AI Compliance as a Service
  • Coaching
  • Compliance implementation
  • FRIA (fundamentals rights impact assessments)
  • System Logging
  • Risk report & rating
  • AI Compliance Officer
AI Compliance Officer Training
  • 7 day training (online or in person)
  • Become an AI Compliance Officer
  • Get trained on all AI Compliance topics based on the EU AI Act
Implementation Ethical Framework & Ethical Board
  • Ethical Framework tailored to the organization
  • Design and organisation of ethical board
  • Clear roles & responsibilities
AI Workshop for C-level and board members
  • Workshop
  • Gain AI knowledge
  • Draft AI strategy roadmap
  • Description of principles and assumptions

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