How our ecosystem of AI experts let's us do things differently.

About our Cronos.AI Ecosystem

Tailor-Made offerings
based on your needs

Looking for a non-technical introduction to AI? Or in need of cutting-edge, deep-tech AI expertise and solutions? At Cronos.AI, we have it all. Our range of offerings spans from end-to-end services, to clear point solutions, and everything in between. This expansive breadth of expertise empowers us to pinpoint and tailor an AI solution that perfectly aligns with your unique business requirements. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all when it comes to AI.

Leveraging Flexibility through
our Unqiue Structure

In the ever-changing world of AI, new applications are emerging on a daily basis. Staying up-to-date presents a constant challenge for AI service providers. However, this is where our unique structure comes in. While we may be one of these large AI service providers, our division into competence centers offers us complete flexibility. Each center specializes in its own distinct field of expertise, ensuring we remain at the fore-front of AI developments of every type.

A Single Point of Expertise
in the complex world of AI

Navigating the ever-changing landscape
of AI applications and our unconventional company structure may sound complex. We agree. Even we sometimes struggle with keeping up. However, at Cronos.AI, we're dedicated to simplifying this complexity for you. We serve as your ultimate one-stop-shop for all AI matters. With just one point of contact, we'll expertly guide you through our ecosystem and the vast AI universe.
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Meet the faces behind Cronos.AI
(see, we're no computers ourselves)

"The eternal enthusiast"

Danny Buls
AI Business Partner Manager

"Creative, do-er"

Fiore Fraquelli
AI Business Development Manager

We share The Cronos Group DNA

Strong Ecosystem

The Cronos group is an early stage investor, incubator, combinator and venture capitalist. The group participates in more than 600 organisations and is actively involved in the start up of 20+ organisations every year.

Innovative Entrepreneurship

The Cronos Group is a diverse group, active in multiple innovative industries. She wants to be a catalyst in translating scientific research to practical business solutions.

New Technology

Organisations in The Cronos Group ecosystem are pioneers in introducing and using new technologies. This in divers industries, often subject to profound changes.
The perfect example? Artificial Intelligence.

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Location does matter
for success.

We are present all over Flanders, Wallonia, The Netherlands & many more.

Lange Gasthuisstraat 29/31
Cronos Breda
Rithmeesterpark 50,
Cronos Amsterdam
Pedro de Medinalaan 73
1086 XP
Corda Campus
Kempische Steenweg 311
Cronos leuven
Gaston Geenslaan 11/B4
Cronos Nordics
Drottninggatan, 32 (floor 10)
111 51
Cronos aan de Leie
Nijverheidskaai 3
Cronos Groep
Veldkant 33a

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“It's our mission to embrace innovation, unleash creativity and help you to shape the future"
Danny Buls
AI Business Partner Manager